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Don Stivers has created art, prints and posters spanning everything from illustrating book jackets to the opening of the American West, but most recently is best known for his prolific production of paintings whose theme is the American Civil War. Stivers chose, as subjects for his military paintings, events both momentous for the nation and historically significant for the individuals involved in each painting. Through the eyes of the individual we see the fate of nations unfold. [Read More ...]

These prints are the offerings of a private collector, whose military roots drew him to admire the works of Don Stivers. They have been lovingly stored, some are framed and all are in mint condition. Several are number 1 in a series and/or Artists Proofs. The artist's interest in the Buffalo Soldier and his "Frontier Collection" is represented. Notes point to Giclee Prints and Special Commissions. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Enjoy your visit!